The So French Cabaret is a unique jazz ensemble (featuring the harp) which promotes French and American songs of the 1930’s - 1940’s. Based on a traditional swing ensemble, So French Cabaret’s  rhythm section features a guitarist, and the centerpiece of the band being a full-sized harp which adds a fairy “je ne sais quoi” to the irresistible hot jazz groove. 
Margot Sergent, the featured vocalist of So French Cabaret,  is already mentioned as  one of the most captivating artists of her generation. 

"Margot’s live performances convey a physical delight in playing music as well as an artist's sensitivity to the complicated harmonies and rhythms of jazz; her harp is a perfect instrument, attached to a musician of superb instincts, capable of expressing profound human experiences with a wholly original voice" - Archie Shepp, legendary jazz saxophonist   

"Margot Varret's technique and interpretative skills are at the pinnacle of the music industry; what she does is pure poetry." - Kirk Lightsey, jazz pianist   

"Margot’s charismatic presence and amazing musicality never fails to genuinely touch her audience whenever she performs; she is an "impressionistic" artist who can turn popular tunes into art." - Pierre Boussaguet, bassist for award-winning jazz pianist and film composer Michel Legrand