So French Cabaret is  a unique jazz ensemble (featuring the harp) which promotes French and American songs of the 1930’s - 1940’s. Based on a traditional gypsy jazz ensemble, So French Cabaret’s rhythm section features a bass player and a guitarist, with the centerpiece of the band being a full-sized harp, which adds a fairy “je ne sais quoi” to the irresistible hot jazz groove. So French Cabaret invites you to take a musical journey, and hear the magical connection between French and American jazz music and experience the romance and excitement of the prohibition era.


  • French Talents, Ecole des Fans- TV Show-France 
  • Concertist Award, Ecole Alfred Cortot, Paris-France
  • Dialogues en Humanité- Conferences, Lyon- France 
  • Louis Vuitton, Cartier Events- Paris-France
  •  Berklee College of Music Scholarship, Boston-Massachusets
  • Air France Run for Life- Central Park- New York
  • 10th anniversary New Morning's celebration- Brooklyn Farms-New York
  • Conferences- Albertine Library- French Ambassy- New York


Shared Stages With

  •  Archie Shepp
  •  Mônica Passos
  •  Kirk Lightsey 
  •  Andrea Corr
  • Teitur Lassen
  •  Jonatha Brooke
  • Ben L'oncle Soul
  •  Nolwenn Leroy

Notable Venues

  •  Carnegie Hall, NY-New York
  • Sunset, Sunside, Paris-France
  • New Morning, Paris-France
  •  Olympia, Paris-France
  •  Cafe de la Danse, Paris-France
  •  Flat, BK-New York
  •  Cornelia Street Cafe, NY-New-york
  •  Bonafide Jazz Club, NY-New York 

Margot’s live performances convey a physical delight in playing music as well as an artist's sensitivity to the complicated harmonies and rhythms of jazz; her harp is a perfect instrument, attached to a musician of superb instincts, capable of expressing profound human experiences, with a wholly original voice. Margot's technique and interpretative skills are at the pinnacle of the musical industry; what she does is pure poetry. No doubt she is one of the most captivating artists of her generation." - Archie Shepp, legendary jazz saxophonist