It's ok to redefine...



Therefore,  I will openly, publicly, outrageously steal the words of one of my biggest inspirations, Romy Schneider. 

Will be crossed by an inspirational hippiedeepy facebook page quote.

Follow my lead.


For a certain time now, I am getting up every morning with a nausea as soon as I am sensing how unbalanced, scary, uncertain, blurred....  the whole society is. 

It only takes a blink. 

Then, I need- for my sanity- to develop/nourish an inner world what the Universe has driven me to since childhood;  music.

Music is my oxygen. Music is my purpose. Music is the only place where I don't feel totally useless nor helpless. No more, no less. 

Targeting success while the world is falling appart makes no sense. It never really did anyway, even in the ancient world.


But the words of this wonderful soul came to my eyes:

"Success is getting out of bed in the morning, driven by the joy of what the day will be made of. The kind of joy that could make you fly.

Success is working with people you love.

Success is being connected with the world and communicate/share your passion.

Success is getting to bed at night with the feeling you would have done your best of the day.

Success is experiencing joy, freedom, friendship and love.

Success is the action of love. "- Romy Schneider.


Happy September everyone. 


PS1; see you every other week for the live on youtube. Next one will be sept 12th. 

PS2; The quote of the hippiedeepy  suspiciously- but still- appealing facebook page:

  "Within 3 months , you'll be in totally different space mentally, spiritually and financially".

Can't wait. CAN.NOT.WAIT  #cannotwait #forreal