Do I dress up differently for a party in America versus in France? #vlog

I had planned all that I needed to shift from my office look to my party look. Flat to heels. A top that would be more festive. A pair of earrings. My red lipstick. Et voilà! 

I arrived on time. Rang the bell. My friend opened the door and said? 

"Oh! I'm sorry you did not have time to dress up for the party tonight” 

I've noticed that there is a crucial difference in terms of presentation between France and America. In France, it’s about passing the message of "I just get up naturally beautiful every morning this way”. Therefore, you can guess that the prep to get dressed for a party is not only minimalist, it has to be almost unnoticeable. The game then, will not to be ready for the night, but to transform yourself from an office outfit to a subtle, but super feminine look. 

In America, I see people (not only women by the way) in the "looking fabulous, and embracing it” mode, and I love it. I really do.  

But after all those years that I've been living here, does it feel easy to do so? Not yet.  

Am I resisting? Is it too soon, or is it too far away from the life habits I had tillI arrived in america? Not sure about it.  

Do I push my makeup a little, and do I like it? Yes. Absolutely! Especially because, I feel extremely safe in NY even with a short skirt, a cleavage, and very high heels.Which is not the case in Paris. 

Which type of dress code would you be more comfortable in? Full glam, super dressed up, or more casual with a twist? Let me know in the comment section below!

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