Inner voice

I recently released an unusual video on my Patreon page. As this pandemic brought a lot a space to introspect and reflect on life, choices, and hopes, I dived to the why music has been so important to my life, and how the turn to jazz started. I have been practicing and studying classical since childhood, and I never dreamed of living from classical. Couldn't recognize myself as a pianist, nor a harp player, nor a classical musician. I couldn't fit any label. Though, music was calling me, clearly. That type of life time calling, no matter what. Do you see what I am talking about.  Strange enough, as the pandemic put us out of the hustle, the only thing that could bring a deep peace in mind was... Schubert. My jazz skills felt too vulnerable, and too close to my former active life, to be soothing and calming. I had to look even further into the origins, and on how it all started. As far away it seems from jazz, Schubert is and will stay the best composer to my opinion to paint the complexity of human emotions, through the harmonic progressions and variations. As a child, Schubert would express my pain, my joy, my doubts, my changing emotions way before I could phrase them with words. And this piece, particularly, is a good exemple to explain my opinion. And I find this access to my inner speech, in jazz... Hope it can inspired my students, to explore as many composers as possible to find the ones who can support and make their inner voice sing louder.... On a larger scale, I hope it can keep supporting the idea, that the inner voice KNOWS the answers. That is always safer to find the answers from within, and never ever, under despair, with the mirage sellers, or lesson givers. None of other's experience will never be have more authority than the song of your soul. (story to be continued....) Margot. Photo Credit Nicolas Gauffreteau. 

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